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Connecting the industry and promoting standards

What is ReQoncile?

ReQoncile is a collaborative initiative to promote standardization and communication in the (re)insurance industry for data formats/standards, translation tools, publications, discussions, events and processes.

QOMPLX is providing a site where the industry can share, discuss and reconcile issues of interoperability, to accelerate progress and reduce friction in the delivery of (re)insurance and improve the data supply chain.

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The objective

  1. Build a library where data standards and schemas can easily be accessed and compared in an open repository

  2. Provide broad access to translation tools for data conversion and QA

  3. Promote and provide access to discussions, content contribution, publications and events within a forum where the industry can collaborate and share ideas

  4. Contribute to the establishment of process that can be leveraged across the industry, within various markets and for a variety of use cases

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A library of resources to facilitate data exchange and standardization initiatives

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Includes a registry and links to data translation and QA tools, both free and paid services

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Open communication on trends, problems and changes to socialize ideas and move the initiative forward

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Creating a repeatable and referenceable foundation that can be leveraged across the industry

ReQoncile content contribution and engagement

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